setup client with NFS server with multiple NIC

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In a data intensive NFS environment, in order to get better NFS server performance, one approach is to use multiple NIC in the NFS server.

We will configure clients only to mount on a specific NIC that server on a specific subnet.

The standard requirement is that clients will need to have access to all data on the NFS server.

Lets’ assumed that there are 16 NIC in the server, and we have setup 16 subnet ( or VLAN in modern term) and we only want subset of clients to be in one subnet, say 16 in 100baseT world.

Let’s assume that the mount point is /global/data on the server and each NIC is associated with suffix to the server name nfs-server-xx.

the clients are client-xx-yy for each xx subnet.

Our goal is for client-xx-yy to mount the /global/data by using nfs-server-xx:/global/data.

How can we achive this?

The trick is in the setup of the automount map, we use the direct-map as an example auto_data the entry should look like the following

/global/data $(nfsserver):/global/data

In the /etc/init.d/autofs script one need to add a few line before the automount command to set “nfsserver” accounting to the client HOSTNAME

Something like

nfsserver=nfs-server-`echo $HOST|nawk -F- ‘{print $2}’`
will do.

Of course we will use Jumpstart to modify the auto_direct and autofs files


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