HA-GRID: N1Grid Engine 6 Edition with Berkely DB spooling

N1GE6 introduce spooling with Berkely DB. There will be new issues to consider when we want to provide a HA N1GE6 services with Java ES CLuster service.

  • Tightley couple case: HA-sge_qmaster agent In this case we install Berkely DB on the same host with sge_qmaster.

    if we assume that SGE_ROOT=/opt/n1ge and cell=default

    the start script: $SGE_ROOT/$cell/common/sgemaster start

    the stop script:$SGE_ROOT/$cell/common/sgemaster stop

    Using the SunPlex agent builder one can easily create a sge_qmaster agent. and SUNWmsge package.

    We also need another agent to modify the host_aliases file,

    1. on node1 it should be sge_master node1
    2. on node2 it should be sge_mster node2

    One can also run HA-NFS agent to serve the / directory to all exec_host

  • Loosely couple case: HA-BDB agent and sge_qmaster and sge_shadow_master node.

    In this case we install Berkely DB on different nodes pairs. This node pairs will run HA-NFS and HA-BDB agents. HA-NFS come with SunCluster and it will serve the / directory to sge_shadow_master and may be to all exec_hosts.

    HA-DBD will be serve Berkely DB FO . Once one install BDB with the inst_sge -db command. We use the SunPlex agent builder to build a HA-Agent that control the start and stop of the BDB.

Let’s assume that the SGE_ROOT=/opt/n1ge and cell=default

The start script: $SGE_ROOT/$cell/common/sgebdb start

The stop script: $SGE_ROOT/$cell/common/sgebdb stop

The BDB spool directory: $SGE_ROOT/$cell/spooldb

From a previous blog posting one can create a SUNWbdb agent using those infomation.


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