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Open Source

there are renew talk about openesource solaris now, this is a good thing. From the experience fron BSD and now GNU/LINUX , apache project, we see many benefit from opensource project. There are many more project at SUN, IMHO, can be opensource:

  • How to write x86 Drivers
  • How to write a module for particular HW in Sun Control Station
  • How to write module in N1Grid SPS SW
  • How to write Cluster agent in Sun Cluster (SunPlex agent Builder fill the major gap already)
  • How to write module in SunMC for different OS and HW
  • ……

why open source

  • Open source project force project team to explain thing to much large audience
  • more user can contribute to project that project team does not have the resource to do
  • more user feel that they have more control on the product that they relay on for their business
  • win win situation
  • one can almost use the situation “free world” vs “not free world” arguement for open source

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