the tale of HA-oracle installation problem

the oracle uid and group id with SunCluster HA-oracle agent

Recently we encounter an issue at customer site, they are using Sun servers and storage to run oracle EBS, after the cluster SW and HA-oracle was installed


HA-oracle probe has problem talking to the oracle server so it will just shutdown the oracle. Our HA-oracle does not work

Since we know that HA-oracle has been install on many many systems, so we believe that there must be some setup problem with customer’s oracle installation.

The customer was using some cloneing Sw to clone the whole installation from an Solaris 8 machine to a solaris 9 machine.

Customer keep telling us this procedure is fully supported by oracle. But our knowledge on oracle is limited, so one cannot argue with real knowledge

we have the back-end HA support eng and VOS support eng to engage with oracle to try to resolve this problem. Since the source code of the oracle-probe is not available to me or oracle or the VOS eng it is not easy to find out where the problem lie.


Customer use many different oracle uid and dba group id for different instance of the oracle, beside the oracle and dba:

  • oracle1,dba1 for instance one and dba1 is the primary group
  • oracle2 and db2 for instance two and dba2 is the primary group each uid and gid own all the instance’s binary and data files (from the ls -l output)

    From the oracle installation guide, we notice that there need to be a primary group, said dba, need to own all the binary and datafiles. this means that from the ls -l output we should see dba as the primary group After one make this change thing went back to normal and everything work fine



    IMHO, one should just use one group id (dba) and many difference oracle uid as you want

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