Here we describe many different way to make SGE5.3px or N1GE6 highly available or we can talk about how to integrate the N1GE6/SGE5.3px with the suncluster SW.

  • loosely couple:
  • just use HA-NFA as file system to mount the / directory one can configure one qmaster and one or multiple shadow master host
  • tightly couple:
  • in this case one will use the GFS(Global FS) feature of the SunCluster one of the cluster node could be qmaster and one node could be the shadow master we also use HA-NFS to share the / directory
  • tighter couple:
  • acturally one need to create two customer agents

    1. qmaster agent to failover the qmaster agent
    2. host-alias agent, to setup a dynamic host_aliaes file that associate the physical-node name with the logical hostname of the qmaster

In the future post we will describe how to use the suncluster agentbuilder to create customer agent


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